Wrap/unwrap a sponsored asset
Wrap an ERC-20 token into a sponsored CAPE asset, or unwrap a sponsored CAPE asset back into the underlying ERC-20 token
You can find a video walkthrough here and here.


Step 1: Click on “Wrap Asset” in the side menu.
Step 2: Select a sponsored CAPE asset type to wrap after entering the name of asset. Approve the asset to be wrapped by clicking on “Approve” button in the dialog box.
Step 3: Specify the amount of the underlying ERC-20 token to wrap and click on “next” to complete the wrapping of the asset.
Step 4: Your ERC-20 tokens will be sent to the CAPE contract, and you will see your balance of the sponsored CAPE asset type increase by the same amount.


Step 1: Select “unwrap” in the left hand menu. Select the asset type to be unwrapped and enter in the amount to be unwrapped. Click on “next” to unwrap the asset.
Step 2: The underlying ERC-20 tokens will appear back in your MetaMask wallet.
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